The Changing Faces and Growing Impact of Promotional Video in Columbia

by | Sep 9, 2015 | Arts and Entertainment

Being able to view a high-quality video on a mobile device used to take some planning. Even just a few short years ago, the norm was that a hopeful viewer would have to copy a movie or other video asset to a memory card before the desired viewing time. The rise of capable local streaming services improved the situation, making it possible for many people to enjoy the mobile video without such precautions, at least within their own homes.

Since then, things have improved greatly, and those developments have some important implications for companies looking to acquire new clients. Thanks to the spread of 4G cellular networks all across the country, people from all walks of life now enjoy video just about anywhere they might go.

They are embracing this new opportunity with an unprecedented eagerness, too. Streaming video usage has long been the prime consumer of the Internet’s overall bandwidth, but the devices that account for so much demand have been changing quickly. The fastest growing segment of all is in the mobile device sector, and this is very good news for small business owners willing to seize the opportunity that is implied.

Promotional video in Columbia is therefore enjoying a real renaissance, as more business owners discover just how powerful these marketing tools can be. What used to be the kind of thing reserved, on grounds of cost and other considerations, for larger businesses is now becoming a mainstay of smaller ones, too.

Promotional video in Columbia also takes many more forms today than it did a few short years ago. This is an appropriate enough development considering the shifting nature of those who commission such assets, and it is also something that is expanding the horizons of what is known to work in the world of marketing.

Local companies like Infinite Resolution, for instance, have discovered that their small-business clients can be much more creative and unconstrained, compared to larger ones, when producing their own marketing videos. That can mean anything from the owner of the guitar shop showing off his newest acquisitions on a video to a car wash operator taking viewers behind the scenes to see how the equipment works.

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