Dance and music

The Versatility of Jazz Artists

While not everyone can be a jazz artist, there are singers that are capable of crossing genres and slipping into jazz vocals while doing them justice. The jazz community itself even has a half-hearted belief that singers from other genres are only reaching for jazz...

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Three different forms of soothing music

Music is considered to be the best medicine for the battered soul. We all like to listen to different forms of music. Calm and soothing music helps us to relax and also helps us to get a sound sleep. If you are searching for different kinds of soulful music, then here...

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Music, a stress buster

Music is known to be a natural stimulus in relaxing one’s body, mind and soul. There are many choices available in the market today. Music varies from natural melodies to metallic toned music. Music is relaxing and has a therapeutic effect on its listener. The...

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