The Most Famous Theater In Chicago

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Comedy

There is a theater in Chicago that had some humble beginnings but is well known around the globe today as the home of Improv comedy. This theater has trained some of the best known comedians of modern times. People scramble to walk through its hallowed halls because it is the birth place of so many great comedic minds. The alumni that have studied and performed here include a list of some of the most recognized names in comedy.  It is an impressive theater that has really changed the face of comedy over the years.  It is something you do not want to miss out on.

You Should Visit

When you are in town and looking for something to do a visit to this theater is in order. People from around the world literally make a pilgrimage to this place to be able to see where their favorite comedians have studied. Other people make Chi-Town a destination just so that they can take a course and hone their own skills at one of the workshops that are offered. If you are visiting the city you are in a unique position to be able to say “I was there at that theater”.  For many people that have visited the theater the experience is moving. You can:

   * Take a workshop
   * See one of the many performances that are calendared each month
   * Browse the halls of this theater and see where your favorite comedians perfected their art

You can get your tickets and step into the history of one of America’s true treasures. The theater? Second City! Get your tickets and see a true American icon up close and personal. See a show or participate in one of the workshops, there are even workshops for the kids. It is a great experience that should not be missed.

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