3 games that ruled Play-stations in 2010-2011

by | Apr 5, 2012 | Games

The year 2010 was clearly a year for gamers. This was a time when gaming enthusiasts had a fun time playing the various interesting games. While some of the games were played online, some were launched in different gaming stores. Some games that became quite popular were Final Fantasy, God of War, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Red Dead Redemption, Black Ops and Kingdom Hearts apart from many others. The following games were chosen as the best games for 2010.

God of War 3

God of War 3 had the return of the Kratos in March last year. The theme of God of War showed that Kratos was coming back to retaliate and give back to the Zeus and other Olympus Gods. The God of War 3 was regarded as one of the best games due to its superior graphics and excellent video quality.

Mass effect 2

Mass effect 2 is another video game which became quite a hit in 2010. The popular traits of this game were its huge sized characters and stunning video graphics. Mass effect 2 returned in January in 2011 with a space story that portrayed investigations carried out by Jack Sheppard on the puzzling end of humans in Galaxy.

Halo Reach

Since the time it was first launched, Halo Reach is one game that has stood to its standards of being the most amazing video game. With its unbelievable graphics, Halo Reach is one of the video games that was widely received by gamers of all ages. This is one game which comes with unusual game mechanics and a gripping story line that motivates the gamer to continue playing.

Apart from these, there are many other games that became quite popular in 2010 and 2011.



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