Three easy ways to get your favourite celebrity follow you on Twitter

by | Apr 5, 2012 | General

Who would not want a few well-known celebrities to follow them on Twitter? Surely, you would jump at the thought of it. Though it is not that difficult to get celebrities follow you on Twitter, there is a right way to do it. There is an old saying “Flattery will get you anywhere”. Well, this stands true even in this case. The question is how much of flattery is required and in what direction.

The first and probably the most simple step would be to retweet something interesting said by the celebrity on twitter. Other than this, celebrities make a lot of announcements of their future shoots and brand endorsements on twitter. You can offer your positive feedback and also wish them all good luck for their future ventures. Remember that celebrities crave for fans but they will never show it outwardly. Try to be an honest fan and it won’t take much time for the celebrity to start following you.

Apart from this, celebrities also announce dates and venues of special promotional events on Twitter. You can use this as an opportunity and create a video about the announcement and release it on Youtube. DM the link of the video along with a short message to your favourite celebrity. They would surely love it as it is something like free publicity for them. This is a good way to get noticed instantly by celebrities.

Another interesting way to attract attention from celebrities on Twitter is writing good content about them on your blog and then linking it to your Twitter account. You can even go ahead and DM the blog link to the celebrity. You never can be sure of how active any particular celebrity is on Twitter and hence DM is an effective way to reach out to him or him without any middle person.



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