Books – Best friend of man

by | Apr 5, 2012 | Storytelling

There is no second thought about the fact that books are the best friend of man. A well known philosopher once said that a person could happily live in any part of the world if he has the company of a good book. Mahatma Gandhi once remarked “Value of books is greater than gems, because gems show outer beauty while books radiate inner self”.

Once you start reading good books, you will slowly get addicted to them and your fondness for good books does not cease at all. If you have already been an avid reader of books of different genres, then you can also use your deep knowledge on books to make it your full time career. A publishing house or a book shop maybe a great idea if you really harbour a deep liking for books.

Books are a source of unending knowledge. Even though new media are now being increasingly consumed by readers worldwide, the fan-base that books command can never come down. There is no great feeling than opening a fresh new book and sniffing the distinct smell of the pages. For some, it is complete bliss.

People read books not just as a source of relaxation or enjoyment but also a source of inspiration. Well known authors have written motivational books that have transformed the lives of many. It also helps when you attend different book exhibitions, literature fairs and other literary events. This helps you to gain exposure to writing from different parts of the world and explore genres which you have never read before.



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